A Perfect Frühstück: Suli’s Cafe

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Everyone likes breakfasts, right? Especially the ones in the weekend. Good coffee, cheese, bread, and freshly squeezed orange juice – okay – and some Nutella. Yum!

So we know a lovely place in Düsseldorf for having this kind of breakfast: Suli’s Cafe. No matter if you are a D-dorfer or just a passer by, go there and have a seat at the window side table. There you may feel like you are actually on the street thanks to the relatively large windows. From that exact point it’s always fun watching the busyness outside. Then order your frühstück – small or big one. If you are two or three people it’s a good deal to have the breakfast for two – it is huge. When two and really hungry, we prefer the grosses one, otherwise two kleines would save you. Try espresso if you’re into it, it is almost Italian.

One thing we love about Suli’s is that it feels like home as it is a neighborhood cafe with a warm interior design, combining vintage and classic – imagine wood, porcelain, and tulips. And the staff is super friendly, you can easily find yourself having a small talk with them about anything.

Just go and try – definitely a feel-good place.

Blue skies,

G & M

IMG_2715 IMG_2716

The Author

Hello everyone! We are Güliz and Marco, a Turkish-Italian couple based in Dusseldorf. We love sharing feel-good moments about travel, food, art, design, photography, and music. Hope you'll enjoy what we enjoy! Blue skies, G & M

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