Good food, anyone?

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Two weeks ago we visited good food festival at Boui Boui Bilk. The event took place in the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, hosting many food trucks and stands full of varied culinary delights from the region. The motto of the festival is “Entdecken. Schmecken. Selbermachen.”, meaning “Discover, Taste, Do it yourself”, which sums up what the event offers.


Luckily the weather was perfect, and there was a sweet crowd around. In this kind of events in Germany, we really like the fact that all kind of people attend. There were families with kids, young couples, old couples, groups of friends; everyone.

 IMG_8286 IMG_8266

We first tasted some tacos with meat, then tried a couple of veggie empanadas with chilli sauce. They were both YUM! We were a bit sad because there were no Nutella crepes around, but hey, this is how a good food festival is supposed to be. Nosing around for some sweets, we found this stand with juicy smoothies – we got one greentrees smoothie cup with the prettiest toppings. Neither of us is really a smoothie-person but we actually loved the refreshing taste, and the concept of the greentrees cup.


All in all – it was fun and yum at the goodfoodfestival! Now we’ll keep the eyes open for the next event.

blue skies,

güliz & marco

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Hello everyone! We are Güliz and Marco, a Turkish-Italian couple based in Dusseldorf. We love sharing feel-good moments about travel, food, art, design, photography, and music. Hope you'll enjoy what we enjoy! Blue skies, G & M

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